Welcome to my Blog!

This is my first foray into sharing my experiences and frustrations. I hope you find the content engaging and informative. I have been working in and around IT for most of the past 24 years. However, I’m currently working outside of that arena and I wanted to help maintain and build new skills. I decided to build up a Home Lab to work with. I’ll share the details and specifications in a later posting. It has been a fun project and has really helped me understand system and network design more.

This blog will explore things I’ve setup and learned through my journey. Some of the content may be similar to others out there. I have a ton of folks I need to acknowledge for helping me get to where I am. Hopefully, this site will help you if you have questions. My focus will be on the VMware product line, but since my network includes Ubiquity, Windows, and Linux systems, I’ll be sharing configurations and setups there as well.

As soon as I finish with the setup, I’ll enable comments for your feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, hit me up anytime on Twitter at @Darkhonor with your comments, suggestions, and requests for topics.

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