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Native OpenSSH Client in PowerShell

So one of the nice little surprises after upgrading my desktop to Windows 10 20H2 (Fall 2020 Build) was the addition of a native OpenSSH client in PowerShell. I need to do some testing with all of my use cases, but I may be able to do away with the venerable PuTTY that has been a mainstay of using SSH in Windows for years now.

Use is really simple:

> ssh <username>@<server>

Here’s an example of me connecting to one of my Ubuntu vm’s in the HomeLab:

As discussed in my last posting, the client also allows for sending your AD credentials as your login ID if the distant computer is part of your AD domain. In this example, I’ve added my vm02 system to the domain. So I will just type the name of the server I’m connecting to and will be prompted for my AD credentials:

This is a very welcome addition to the capabilities built into Windows 10. What do you think? Happy with the addition or looking for something more? For those that have really tested this, where are the limits?

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